About Us

JOE AND NOSH. It’s as simple as that. Coffee and Food. Our menu is thoughtfully put together to offer the best of both.

The photographs in Joe and Nosh were taken of the original Coffee Cup, which opened in 1948 just down the street from our Morehead location. I loved going to this soul food haven for the food but even more because it was the great unifier of Charlotte. This was no accident. In 1968, under female ownership (which I love!), the Coffee Cup became the city’s first integrated diner (which I love!). Ten years later, two female friends, one African American and one Caucasian, purchased the business (which I love!), and it continued to be the Queen City melting pot until it was demolished in 2009.

Talk about being progressive. It takes courage to be the first, especially if it involves taking a stance for what you believe in without knowing the outcome and how it will affect you personally as well as professionally. I want these photographs on the walls to be a reminder and an inspiration to me and others to be courageous.

Perk up and chow down!

-Deedee Mills, owner